From Photography Beginner to Pro in 4 easy steps

From Photography  Beginner to Pro in 4 easy steps

You may think you need to spend thousands of dollars on cameras and gear to take high-quality pictures, but that’s far from true. Here are 4 things you can change to take pictures unlike a photography beginner.

photography beginner

1) Angles

You shouldn’t rush when taking pictures. Before taking the shot, use your own eyes to decide what’s the best position to take the picture you want.

If you are taking a picture of an object, it’s usually best to be at the same level. But you can move around and see what different positions do. You may be surprised by how cool photos from unconventional positions can be. Play with your angles, study the picture and then press the shutter.

2) Lighting

You don’t need professional lighting to take well-lit photos. You can use daylight for clear photos, or you can use artificial lights and play with shadows.

But what if you don’t have good light to take the picture you want? Well, you can always be patient and take the photo at another time. The best time to take pictures with natural light is the golden hour. If you want your pictures to look like it’s nighttime, remember you can always modify them with post-processing.

3) Frame

It might shock you at first, but leaving objects from the foreground while focusing on something in the background creates wonderful effects. Trees, windows, columns, use whatever you can to create a framing for the background subject. This will give a whole new depth to your pictures.

Plus, framing can usually add to the story behind the picture. Without losing focus on the main subject, you can place objects to the sides and add some context.

4) Express yourself

Let’s say you visit Machu Picchu. Thousands of photographers have already visited it and many of them have taken amazing pictures, so what’s the point of even taking your camera?

Well, photography is about interpreting a moment and sharing it. Instead of taking the same photo as everyone else, you should take some time, appreciate the view, and then take some pictures that capture the essence of the place from your perspective. Use your camera as a painter uses its canvas.

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